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"Hallowed Ground": The roots of religious belief and the sacredness of nature were once closely entwined: the ancient yew grows in the churchyard; the forest monks of Thailand follow the Buddha’s example of meditating beneath trees. I profile theologian Martin Palmer and his work to engage faith-based communities in recovering narratives of love and care for local ecologies.

"The Seeds of Ancestors: A Day at Soul Fire Farm": Leah Penniman is a Black Kreyol farmer and food justice activist. This profile explores her work to create spaces for people of color to heal and reconnect to the land—an effort to end America’s food apartheid system.

"The Poet and the Palm Tree": The poet W.S. Merwin spent the last four decades of his life on Maui, restoring a plot of abandoned land that would become one of the most diverse and expansive palm tree gardens in the world. His poems are living witness to the care he offered to this land.

"One Hundred and Eleven Trees": When a marble mine began to strip a village of its forests, the people of Piplantri, India, developed a tree-planting project that reclaims a vital and ancient relationship between trees and women.

"Applied Alchemy": Extracted iron ore can be forged into a weapon. A gun can be melted into a shovel that is used to plant a tree. Through a radical reimagining of what a gun can be, this essay considers the power of intention, where the means determine the ends.

"The Dance of the Honey Bee": This multimedia piece illustrates the elaborate dances of the honey bee, used to communicate intricate details about food, the hive, and the well-being of the queen.

"Shikoku Pilgrimage": A journey of Eighty Eight temples around the island of Shikoku in Japan

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