Hi, I'm Chelsea! I'm a writer. 


I was born in Nebraska and spent my first two years in a trailer on the Niobrara Prairie Preserve where my father was researching grass and where packrats stole my few prized toys. I grew up in the hot summers and friendly neighborhoods of Norman, Oklahoma, and I now live in Portland, Maine with the man I love, where I write, bike, and frequently visit the pin oak tree up the street. 


After studying religion at the University of Oklahoma, I attended Harvard Divinity School and then worked for a wonderful organization called Kairos Earth. These were experiences which inspired me to think deeply about the sacredness of the natural world, the topic I now primarily write about. 


I'm the staff writer for Emergence Magazine, a publication which explores the connections between culture, ecology, and spirituality. 

Feel free to contact me via email at chelseascudder@gmail.com.