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In an era of ecological breakdown and rising climate anxiety, when the future is increasingly uncertain, what does it mean to become a mother? How can we love, nurture, and hope through collapse?

Part of the healing—that which will bring us back into a deep, loving, sacred relationship with the living world—is the work of mothering. As Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in Braiding Sweetgrass, “A good mother knows that her work doesn’t end until she creates a home where all of life’s beings can flourish.” Here, I define “mothering” as the good work of being in service to the living world around us. Anyone can do this work.

MOTHER, CREATURE, KIN sets out to locate a language, orientation, and spiritual practice of mothering in a time of widespread environmental breakdown—braiding together stories of whales, forests, owls, gardens, single-celled ocean-dwelling organisms, and my own experience as a new mother in a time of urgent ecological crisis. 


I don’t pretend to know what the future holds. But I believe that, more than anything, it will need mothers.

Broadleaf Books, 2025


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