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Writing at the Edge (Virtual)

In this time of ongoing ecological transformation, how do we write about our home places?

Together we'll explore three transitional ecosystems: 1) salt marshes—tidal ecosystems at the meeting of land and sea; 2) the fluctuating border between forests and grasslands; and 3) places where human development meets "wilderness."


Each offers us a glimpse of what is possible at the edge and invites us to peer at what is held within fluid boundaries. What can be learned from the beings who inhabit these edge-landscapes?

Throughout the course, we'll read the words of several writers who navigate such boundaries in their work, inviting us into new practices of seeing and being present with the living world in times of uncertainty. 

From the boundary between joy and sorrow, hope and fear, love and grief, this three-part nature writing workshop explores how nature writing can help us navigate vulnerable edges in a time of ecological transformation. 

Over the course of three sessions, we’ll each work to produce a personal nature writing essay.


Online (Zoom)



April 11th, 18th, & 25th from 7:00-8:30pm EST​



Sliding scale, $25-$75


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