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I. Writing at the Edge (in-person):

In this time of great change, when we all live at the edge of certainty, how do we write about the places where we live from within ongoing transformation and change?

Saltmarshes—tidal ecosystems at the border of land and sea—offer us a glimpse of what is possible at the edge and invite us to peer at what is held within fluid boundaries. Together, we’ll explore Scarborough Marsh, meeting the tides and the marsh grasses to ask: What can be learned from the beings who inhabit the edge—who do not resist the ebb and flow of water, but exist as part of it?

From the boundary between joy and sorrow, hope and fear, love and grief, this three-part nature writing workshop explores salt marsh ecology and how nature writing can help us navigate vulnerable edges.

At the end of three sessions, we’ll each work to produce a personal nature writing essay.


Scarborough Marsh, Scarborough, ME (exact location TBD)



Spring 2024, dates TBD! Please register here or email me ( if you're interested in receiving updates about this event.


Sliding scale, $75-$150


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